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Patti Hatton’s HIGHway to the Heart presentation touched all the senses – her heartfelt message was personal, her visuals added depth, the music she shared stirred the soul and the group interaction fostered fellowship in our group of Houston women from many churches.  Patti speaks on marriage, faith and interpersonal relationships with authority, experience, warmth and humor. The response from the women who attended Flavors of Summer at Chapelwood United Methodist Church was positive. Patti was a delight to work with – she has a heart for ministry.

Blessings, Teresa


Anonymous Comments from the Small Group experience:

This group has reaffirmed in my heart that a healed marriage is not only possible but is what God desires.  I am reminded that God can use struggles to build relationships with other believers and ultimately use those struggles as a form of ministry.  I have been forced to look into my own past and own shortcomings instead of trying to blame my spouse.  I am so thankful that as a result of the study and exercises in our group my spouse’s and my communication has become so much deeper.

This group has been key in guiding my husband and me in addressing our communication and emotional intimacy issues.  Before this group, we were each working on our individual issues but our marriage was not improving.  In a way our marriage was getting worse since we were each essentially walking down the road to recovery alone.  The exercises at the meetings and the homework exercises have provided a method for us to discuss our issues and take steps to improve how we communicate and guided us in communicating about truly important issues and what is going on with us emotionally.  Without this group and Patti’s guidance, I don’t think our marriage would have improved much.  I know our relationship would not be nearly as good as it is now.

The focus of your group has been to aid couples in healing their marriages through open and transparent communication with the help of various books, tools and spiritual guidance.  I have found your group to be a lifeline on many levels.  You are honest, real, professional and gifted in your profession.  You have given so much of your time and energy to us all for which I am sincerely grateful.

From Tina Roeder, Women’s Ministry Leader, Cy-Fair Christian Church:

“I’ve heard from several of our ladies who received so much from what you shared. They were moved by how real and sincere you are. Your transparency immediately put them at ease, making them feel they were safe with you, and could receive the message God had for them.”

From Sue Sloan, First Lady of Houston Baptist University:

Patti spoke to the senior women students at HBU about life priorities and accepting responsibility for oneself.  The students left encouraged and with a clear understanding of the value of owning one’s personal power for self development and using the same power to resolve conflict and internal dissonance.