NEW for 2019 – 3-Session Marriage Enrichment Group

Developing Knowledge and Skills
John Gottman, a psychological researcher and clinician, whose extensive work over four decades was on divorce prediction and marital stability, concluded that couples do not necessarily divorce because they fall out of love, they divorce because the never learned the skills needed to resolve conflict.

If you were invited to play in a semi-professional soccer match, yet you did not know the rules of the game, how would you respond? Likely, you would decline, rather than try to participate without an understanding of the game, or having developed the skills to play. However, with regard to marriage, most of us begin without the necessary skills for effective communication and conflict resolution. We typically do not already know how to connect with a spouse on a heart level.

We invite you to join our marriage enrichment group. We will have three sessions, and teach the skills of
– Reflective Listening
– Understanding the Seven Desires of Every Heart
– Conflict Resolution
– Creating Mutual Expectations
The group time will be interactive, but without discussing marriage problems. There is tremendous value in learning together, and in completing couple exercises that practice your newly learned skills.

You will have fun and will learn from the material, and from one another.