Prayorities Is …

Prayorities is a Life Planning model that is about

Identifying the barriers of life that deflate joy and delay realization of your life’s full potential.

The Prayorities Model teaches a practice of self awareness and prayer that releases the power of God into your life, enabling integration of healthy behaviors.

Believing in God’s power and love, and seeking Him with all your heart, soul and mind.

The self awareness and prayer facilitate positive change to God’s Order.

Loving self enough to care about personal growth and development.

God cares about our personal growth and development and wants us all to call upon Him to order our steps and provide His resources for positive growth.

Empowering you to stop doing the things you hate, and to begin doing those things that are life-giving and God-honoring.

The self awareness and prayer lead to evaluation of present behaviors and life schedule; you see where rationalization about destructive behaviors has kept you in a form of denial. The self awareness and prayer lead you to crystallize your individual prayorities for behavior, for life and for praying for the heart of God over others lives.