Prayority Planning Resource

The Prayority Planning Resource option is designed to help you find your ‘distinctiveness’ – your distinct mix of gifts, talents and personality – to help you make a difference in your own life. Discovering your uniqueness will lead to understanding your personal resources – your intellect, gifts, talents, abilities – and how to use those to improve your life, and impact the lives of others.

The Prayority Planning Resource is about evaluation of self – Who are you ‘being’ today, and who is the person you want to ‘become’? What are your personal resources, and how will you understand how to use them to improve your life?

We will talk about your life’s priorities,  determining if you are living intentionally or by default. How do you see yourself and your life? Where are you going, and how do you plan to get there? Are you using all your personal resources?

Your solution for living the best life begins with our discovery exercise, that answers the questions above, and more. Those answers become the basis for aligning your priorities with your resources toward becoming the person you want to become; the next step result is your personal Prayorities, those specific priorities that become your prayers about and toward your best life.