Patti has developed a model for counseling couples and individuals on the basis of the greatest commandment :: love God first, with all your heart, soul and mind, then love yourself, and love others as you have learned to love yourself.

These pages provide information about Patti and counseling options available, encouragement about living life with purpose, and ongoing dialog about relationship solutions and successes.



CMBAbadgeResults to expect from Patti’s counseling: YOU will

  • grow in self-awareness and appreciation of your own distinctiveness,
  • learn new skills for relating in personal and business relationships,
  • understand the gift of knowing others, and of being known, which is authentic, relational intimacy
  • learn how to develop a mental roadmap to navigate change,
  • develop a life plan, with the goals to achieve that plan.

In 2008, I graduated from Houston Baptist University with a MA in Christian Counseling. My practicum and three-year internship was completed at Second Baptist Church where I saw clients with a wide range of issues.

While completing my internship, I facilitated recovery groups for couples who had experienced betrayal as result of infidelity or addiction. These couples were willing to do ‘whatever it takes’ to heal themselves and restore their marriages. Together we walked through re-learning the basics required for a healthy and emotionally intimate relationship.

Revisiting the basics with these couples served as the catalyst for the marriage enrichment program I developed while in residence at the Hope and Healing Center, located on the campus of St. Martin’s Church.

Highway to the Heart, Unleashing the Potential of Your Marriage Relationship, was published in 2015 and I use it as a guide and reference when counseling couples in private practice. The E-Book is available for purchase on Amazon.com.

I welcome an opportunity to visit with you and your spouse to determine where you are located on the roadmap to experiencing a healthy and vibrant marriage relationship. We are all in the process of change and growth and my passion is to help couples determine the next steps to resolving pain and building unity and health in their marriage relationship. Marriage is meant to be a wonderful blessing and strong marriages serve as the backbone of our society. We need marriages to be strong and healthy. Our future depends upon it.

Recognitions for Specialized Training

Emotionally Focused Therapy, Les Greenberg, 2016

Marriage Intensive Leadership Training, The Satisfied Marriage Program, by Michael and Amy Smalley, 2009

Prepare/Enrich Counselor Certification, Life Innovations, Inc. for engaged and married couple assessments, 2007

Rebuilders Divorce Recovery Facilitator, 2007

American Association of Christian Counselors

Texas State Board of Examiners of Professional Counselors as a Licensed Professional Counselor, M.A. License Number 64132

Certified Birkman Consultant: The Birkman Method® assessment
An online personality, social perception, and occupational interest assessment measuring and reporting behavioral strengths, motivations, expectations, stress behavior, and career profiles. The Birkman Method is the tool to understand self, understand others, and the interpersonal and career choices that can lead to success and well being.